We have searched for a way to enable as many residents as possible to have a Covid safe visit from family/friends during Covid outbreaks (1 positive swab result received) at the home. The protocol we have developed is the best we can do within the current restrictions and is, as such, subject to change according to government advice. These visits are very much dependent on the ability of the individual resident to transfer into a chair to enable them to go to the conservatory.

Unfortunately, there are some residents for whom this is not possible as our priority must always be the health and safety of our residents.

**Please do not visit if you have any Covid symptoms.**

Visits must be restricted to one per weekbooked in advance and can only be for 15 minutes duration.

All visitors must wear a face covering and must remain outside of the building (we are creating as much shelter as possible as soon as possible).

There can be no physical contact unfortunately.

Visitors must ring on the morning of the planned visit to check that the resident is medically fit to be transferred to the conservatory.

The whole staff team thanks you for your co-operation & understanding during these very difficult times.